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SDK 6.1 Released

We're happy to announce the release of the Urban Airship SDK version 6.1 which provides additional support for our spring release features. Highlights include: Modifying Tag Groups via the SDK iOS Wallet action See our June Release Notes for an overview of the new features and links to setup documentation. For SDK downloads, details, and to subscribe to future updates, see our iOS and Android distribution pages: Urban Airship iOS SDK Urban Airship Android SDK...

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Piano. Push. Play. Brings Pop-Up Pianos to Portland

Starting as a one-woman show with a “rescued” piano on rollers, the public art project Piano. Push. Play. has grown into an annual summer celebration of music in the community. Piano. Push. Play. was created with two goals in mind: to give people an exciting, new way to share their talent with their community, as well as give the public a chance to experience music in a completely new venue—on the streets in the heart of it all. The organization rescues and refurbishes pianos...

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The Anatomy of Today’s Mobile App User

In our latest whitepaper, Anatomy of a Mobile App User, we dig deeper into data including demographics, behaviors, preferences, and how people use mobile apps differently in various industries. Here are some of the highlights

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