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To start, we've written a few lines for your next client RFP:

(Insert your agency name) proposes creating a mobile strategy that adapts to your customers’ individual, daily lives. The app reacts to each customer’s preferences, behaviors and location—past and present. And it drives engagement between your brand and your customers on a more meaningful level.

Your ideas, the latest innovation, your app, packing extra power.

Innovation is what it’s all about. By bringing the latest and greatest in engagement technology to your clients, you’ll be responsible for your clients' brand interactions going off the chart.

  • Quadruple the level of app engagement.
  • Double the amount of retention.
  • Increase sales by double-digits.

We’re an extension of you.

Sure, the stats are impressive, but the working model is whip-smart too. You’re brimming with brand experience ideas, and our platform is chock full of ways to let people know about it. Mano-a-mano, we’re going to do something important for your client’s brand.

Ah, the benefits of partnership.

  • With Urban Airship, your client’s app takes on a bigger life and bigger meaning with improved user engagement, conversion and retention.
  • The Urban Airship platform scales with your needs, is incredibly reliable, and heck, it’s already out there proving itself everyday.
  • We’re in it together.   You + Urban Airship = Bigger success for your clients.
  • Push Messaging Power Play.

    Vancouver Canucks fans never have to miss out on the latest team news, game updates or promotional content from their favorite hockey team thanks to the Canucks mobile app.

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