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Serve customers more efficiently with Good Push.

Knowing who your clients are and how they prefer to communicate is so important in your industry. With Push Messaging, your customers select what they want to know about, and when. Helping you build long-lasting, personal connections. 

And here’s the great part, Push gets information to them instantly. It's three times faster than email, and it's right on their phones where they can see it. Plus, Push has no per message cost and will drive them directly into your app when they engage.

Engagement is everything.

Push goes beyond traditional mediums and lets you interact with customers in a fresh, proactive way. Customers don’t have to go to a website or open an email to hear about features that matter to them. You can push the message straight to their phone’s home screen. Engaging.

What kind of messages are we talking about?

Here’s a little taste, but you can tailor everything to your customers’ preferences:

  • Account and new feature updates.
  • Bill payment updates.
  • Monthly statement updates.
  • Additional services and educational materials.
  • New account set-up help.
  • Service feedback and customer experience polling.
  • Cross sell/up sell products and services.

Pull up a chair.

Ready to get started? We can guide you through all of the ways you can use push to go beyond the obvious. We’ll help you learn more about your clients, give you examples of how others have used push, and let you know about our outstanding security and privacy features, keeping your data safe, sound and secure.

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