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Gamers are a different breed. And that’s a good thing. 

Use push messaging to let them know about new content, releases and the minute a friend puts out a challenge.

Opportunities abound.

People love your app and are playing it.  But don't you want them to play it more?  Pay for more of your premium features?  Invite friends to play and all of that other good stuff? Push messages put you in control to get the word out instantly.

They’re game, get on it.

Your gamers want to see what else you’re up to. Use push to tell them when a new game is out. It’ll build excitement and keep them gaming.

We got this.

With more than 70,000 apps using Urban Airship to keep in touch with their customers, we’ve got the experience to get your message seen. And that’ll help extend your game’s life, play time and player count.

  • Be amazing with GameFly

    GameFly represents the largest online video game rental subscription service in the United States. See how they're using push messages to provide relevant and more timely announcements.

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We knew we couldn’t account for everything in advance that we were going to want to feature or update. Rich push allows the flexibility we needed to communicate with gamers.

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