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Blink. Things in healthcare just changed.

Blink. Uh-oh, happened again. Familiar? We’re all about helping you stay on top of things, and enabling you to reach audiences with critical new information as fast as you can, you know, blink.

For health’s sake.

With Push Messaging, you can send specific information that’s relevant to each patient, or point them to login-in, if that’s preferred. And because their phone is probably right there with them, they’ll get the message right away.

“Prescription’s ready.”

“It’s that time again, don’t forget your flu shot.”

“Your appointment is in 3 days.”

Easy to see, access and act on. Good for patients, good for health.

Mum’s the word.

Your information is safe, sound and completely private at Urban Airship. Each level of your organization can set their own privacy level, and of course, security is built-in to the platform.

  • Mobile one stop healthcare shop.

    The national retailer is already pretty omnipresent. So they turned to push as a way to build customer relations and enhance quality of life through its multi-channel messaging strategy.

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  • Improving healthcare one push at a time.

    HealthTap has a pretty simple goal: help the sick get better and the healthy stay well. Simple to understand, harder to pull off. But push notifications connecting patients and a community of doctors is a big step in the right direction.

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