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It’s the wild wild west again in the media and entertainment business.

With a whole new world of distribution channels, media outlets have more opportunity than ever. But they also have more competition for the same number of viewers, listeners and readers.

Your new media and entertainment weapon.

While all of that might seem daunting, Urban Airship is full of solutions. Phew. We’re the company that can help you better leverage that get-up-walk-around-always-with-your-customers distribution channel more commonly referred to as “mobile.”

Push for engagement.

Entertain this: Our Push Messaging platform is purpose-built to drive more engagement for any (and all) of your mobile app-based media properties. Send breaking news alerts, new content prompts, scheduling reminders, rich-media campaigns – and all of it customized for (and by) your individual customers.

That means more eyes on more of your content. And, well, you know what that means.

  • Get the news on your own terms

    The ABC News app edges out the competition by combining a best-of Top Stories experience with unique, customized features including personalized push alerts and individual inboxes that enable users to follow the stories they care about most.

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  • Rewarding moviegoers for silencing their phones

    Cinemark helps create the right the movie experience by sending customers rewards for keeping their phone in 'CineMode' throughout the movie. The app also keeps users up to date about show times on sale and new rewards and offers.

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