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Communicate what matters, when it matters most.

Everyone’s buzzing in your audience’s ear these days. But buzz alone doesn’t form a connection. Sure you want to get noticed. Build relationships. Trust. With Push Messaging you can develop super-personalized alerts based on each individual’s changing interests and location. So you’re always talking to them about things they care about.

Be the first, be the fastest.

Our messages move like lightning. When news breaks, your customers’ phones will light up with the scoop.  And if you want to get local, go on, show them what’s up. Street fairs, sports alerts and neighborly gossip. You’ll have them covered. What if they change their mind about what they want? No worries. They can change their settings with no trouble. Giving them only what they want builds loyalty. And customization is king at Urban Airship.

Measure that.

It’s not enough to implement a plan without putting a ruler to it. With our custom reports you’ll know what’s working, and frankly, what’s not. Make an easy change and test it again. All for good measure and great business.

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