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Who’s not obsessed with the social world these days?

Liking this, sharing that, and for business, that’s a good thing. Push can help you take your social marketing to the stratosphere—delivering your social messages to smartphones in real-time.

Keep the conversation going.

When customers feel involved with your brand, they’re more likely to do all sorts of things. Subscribe, upgrade, tell their work buddies about how awesome you are. Push messages let you deliver social updates that bring users back for more:

  • Social updates, posts, comments on the embarrassing thing you did last night.
  • Friend-to-friend interaction in real-time.
  • Free trials, upgrades, invite-a-friend, feature updates.
  • All sorts of other valuable, sharable chatter.

Safe, sound and incredibly savvy.

You can rest assured that no matter how big or small your audience, your messages will go through. And hit the sweet spot. Ask folks like eHarmony, Viddy and Jelli. They’re digging our social capabilities. We can scale up or down, according to wherever you are. And if you’re at the beginning of all this, we’re super good at easing into things too.

  • Push can be a hoot.

    One of the world’s most popular Twitter clients wanted to push to send all sorts of news and alerts to users. See how they used push to leverage Twitter’s real-time nature to the hilt.

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  • Socializing video with push.

    The “Instagram for video” already made it easy for users to capture, edit and share moving images. See how they used push to connect users and add functionality.

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