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From cheeseheads to metalheads, everybody wins.

With push notifications you can deliver the extra-special attention they crave, helping them be a part of every milli-milli-second of their passion. Engage with fans instantly, personally, delivering super-custom communications, pre-event, post-event and even during the 7th-inning stretch.

Creating magic for fans.

Your fans are your best asset. And the more connected they feel with you, the better it is for them, for you, all the way around. With push notifications, you can do things like:

  • Give a shout out about last-minute ticket sales.
  • Deliver real-time updates, stats, live scores and lineup changes.
  • Craft messages for at-home fans so they feel like a part of the crowd.
  • Pinpoint users’ locations and tailor messages to their situation

Stadium-sized capabilities.

You’ve got a whole stadium full of fans and you can be high-fiving them as the game unfolds. We can send hundreds of thousands of messages a second, making sure every stat, score and celebratory message gets to them.

  • London 2012 Takes Mobile Gold

    The Official London 2012 Join In app, created by Xomo Digital, offered an essential planning tool for attendees. Xomo successfully employed location based push messages to further improve the app, seeing a 60% open rate for push messages.

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  • Get up and go at the hippest interactive fest in the US.

    With more than 1,500 sessions at 15 campuses (plus huge film and music conferences to boot), the SXSW Interactive Festival is one of the best (and biggest) around. See how the SXSW GO app with push messaging helped festival goers make sense of the madness and dramatically improved engagement, with 45% of app opens being influenced by push.

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  • Push Messaging Power Play.

    Vancouver Canucks fans never have to miss out on the latest team news, game updates or promotional content from their favorite hockey team thanks to the Canucks mobile app.

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  • The Mother Of A Festivals Innovates.

    The festival app was already chock-full of great info, but see how they used Push to add value, announce giveaways, contests, schedule changes, personalized reminders and more. This year, a 90% opt-in rate for push let Lollapalooza get attendees out of the park and away from a storm in a matter of minutes.

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  • A hockey fan’s dream come true.

    Generally the only thing that hockey fans want (aside from blood on the ice) is more hockey. They’re getting it as more and more teams develop mobile apps utilizing push. See how the NHL is connecting with fans.

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Urban Airship is an easy implementation for the developers and provides a great service for the fans. No one has to write anything - it’s totally automated – so it’s happening immediately. It’s the best experience possible for our fans.

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