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Give travelers something they'll love:  Confidence.

Picture this: The weary traveler just off a 15-hour overseas flight. He’s a veteran procrastinator (uh-oh) and that means no map, no reservations, no clue. He looks at his phone and that’s when you come in.
“Need a place to stay? Here’s $50 off a 2-night luxury room. Champagne’s chillin’.”
“Jet lag? Have a 20-minute massage on us.”
Talk about instant customer satisfaction. You’re on your way to loyalty, and think of all the competitors you’ll beat to the punch.

Good for travelers, great for business.

With push notifications, you can help a world of travelers plan on-the-go, before-they-go, and hey, why not say “thanks” to them after. Communicate instantly with things like trip reminders, reservation confirmations and personal deals tied to your business that keep ’em in your revenue loop. “Glad you’re back, Mr. Taylor. Hungry? Try our great little pizza joint around the corner (locals love it too).”

Know thy audience.

With Urban Airship, you’ll know exactly where your travelers are, and your data knows what they like. We’ll put it all together and tell travelers who, what, when, where and how to instantly find what they need. We’ll even speak their language. Capiche?

A closer long-distance (and longer term) relationship.

Of course, you've thought of this already: Push is a great way to stay in touch with, and deliver benefits to, your most loyal customers. Status updates to mileage club members, offering special upgrades on upcoming trips, members-only offers and even just the occassional thank you are all easy to send to your very best customers.

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