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  • AMA Webinar: Earning your Edge with the Mobile Majority

    Urban Airship, in conjunction with the American Marketing Association, will present findings from our Good Push Index, which surveyed more than 2,400 apps and 500 million push notifications, and our Mobile Maturity Benchmarks Report, which surveyed 500 mobile executives, marketers and developers across eight industries. Director of Marketing Communications Heidi Tretheway will address questions related to  how brands can adapt its mobile messaging strategies to exceed competitors. 

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  • VentureBeat Mobile Summit

    The two-day summit will see more than 100 mobile industry influencers meet and collectively debate how to accelerate adoption, engagement, and monetization via the eight biggest growth opportunities in mobile today: Mobile ad conversion, targeted advertising, advertising formats, game monetization, analytics tools and strategies, wearables, infrastructure for the enterprise app, and local mobile commerce.

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