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You've seen how mobile messaging can influence decisions throughout the customer's lifecycle. Now, get another perspective: see how location & beacons triggered these messages. Location segmentation enables you to connect with your audience at precisely the right time and place.

Read on to learn more about Urban Airship's powerful tools for audience segmentation and message automation:

Layers of customer information offer new insights for targeting.

Until now, marketers had to rely on slowly changing demographic data to understand users and drive brand loyalty. Now the always-there, always-on nature of mobile devices gives real-time access to user behaviors, preferences, and location profiles. This helps marketers understand consumers in a new way – so push messages and rich content sent to these segments are relevant in the moment.

Sophisticated Targeting.

Build detailed user profiles that combine in-app behavior, user preferences, location history and device information to enable highly targeted mobile engagement.

App Behaviors

Keep track of what each user has bought, played and downloaded. Know if they've opened the app recently and use these insights for audience segmentation.

User Preferences

Users set their own preferences in your app, defining when, how often and with what content you may contact them. This personalization makes your app more relevant and stickier.


Location matters when you send users a message. Segment on both their current place and their location history—location is a profile that drives relevance.

Devices and Systems

Send the right messages to the right devices across Apple iOS, Android, Windows and more.

Audience Targeting

Deliver what they want to hear, when they want to hear it.

Mobile apps create a treasure trove of information about your users' interests that is unrivaled by any CMS system. Each time a user views a screen in your app or responds to a mobile campaign, they are giving you a sense of what matters to them.

Good Push practices suggest that marketers should use this data to create more personalized messages and compelling content. Insights can be gleaned from in-app behaviors and through explicitly stated preferences in the app's preference center. Users can tell you what days or times of day they want to hear from you. With this information, you can build robust audience profiles that allow for better segmentation and targeting. And with in-app authentication you can build unique user profiles for exceptionally relevant one-to-one messaging.

Customizable business rules.

Create, save and re-use complex audience segments by combining the wealth of audience profile data available through your app, including user preferences, in-app behavior, device or system info, real-time location and historical location data.

High-value messaging.

Boost message relevance, improve your mobile engagement strategy and increase app engagement with contextually targeted content to key audience segments.

Location Targeting

Turning location into loyalty.

Mobile adds a new dimension to a customer profile—geolocation. And with our sophisticated audience segmentation engine, you can easily incorporate location-based targeting into your Mobile Relationship Management strategy.

Beyond beacons and location, find out how audience segmentation can help you influence decisions throughout the customer's lifecycle with mobile messaging.

Read on to learn more about how our location and beacon solution can help you deliver messages at precisely the right time and place.

Know your boundaries

Target neighborhoods, legislative districts, cities, counties, landmarks, venues, timezones and many more specific, preloaded location boundaries.

Leverage location on day one

2.5 million+ geofences right out of the box.

Building location-based technology in-house is a daunting project. But you don't need to worry about the hairy GIS details. You can select from more than 2.5 million geofences already loaded in our simple user interface, from industry-leading sources including Maponics, and OpenStreetMap.

  • Cities, counties, ZIP and postal codes, states, countries
  • School districts, voting precincts, federal and state legislative districts
  • Metropolitan areas, time zones, neighborhoods
  • Hyper-local boundaries such as stadiums, parks and other venues

Along with these built-in geofences, you can add custom datasets such as your own sales territories, special events and store locations.

Out-of-the-box coverage.

Select from more than 2.5 million pre-defined geofences and location boundaries or work with us to create custom polygons.

Target users as they live, work and play.

Location data is ever-changing and provides context and relevance that has never before been available to marketers. These details heavily influence purchasing decisions. By pairing location with other dimensions such as a user's preferences (she likes shoes), app behavior (she hasn't opened your app in two weeks) and device info (she owns the latest iPhone), you can identify and influence your highest-value customers.

When your mobile customer engagement strategy is focused on audience segments that yield the greatest results, you'll be able to better personalize messages and see a greater impact from your initiatives. For example:

  • A publisher could increase engagement by sending a relevant article to users interested in 'finance' located in Chicago or New York City.
  • A retailer could promote a sale on sandals to people who have browsed that style and who have been in the store within the past 30 days.
  • An event organizer could drive last-minute ticket sales to people in the vicinity that have not yet bought a ticket.
  • A media tour could remind users of the event in their city as part of a nationwide tour.
  • A TV network could send show reminders just to people in a specific time zone.

Location History

Users are on the move.

Location isn't just about where people are, but also where they've been. As customers move with their mobile devices, you can increase relevancy by understanding the context of their location to deliver more personalized messaging and offers. A location profile gives you a multidimensional view of customer segments so your messages can be more relevant and timely.

Location history over time is a key technical ability that allows you to follow Good Push best practices that result in a great user engagement and conversion.

Behavior across time.

Segment your audience by the patterns of life that best align with your messages.

iBeacon Targeting

So close they can feel it.

Accurate down to a matter of feet, iBeacons go deeper and sharper than GPS and Wifi to create experiences customers have never had before. When customers enter or leave your store, event space or hotel, you can trigger messages that inspire action or request feedback. You can even target customers who approach specific points of interest within your iBeacon-enabled location.

And you can save and re-use this data to build seasonal campaigns and reward key customer segments with relevant offers: deliver a coupon to a customer who has been to a specific location in your store to entice them to come back.

Leveraging Mobile Data

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