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Mobile messaging drives more engagement with your apps. In fact, by using Urban Airship's push messaging combined with your app, you’ll get as much as four times the amount of engagement. This helps keep your app top-of-mind, your brand delivering value and your hard work monetized.

We recognize that push is only part of what you need to make your app the best it can be. We're here to help—that’s why we built the best system for mobile engagement. By partnering with Urban Airship, you can focus on your app and leave the details of delivering messages across multiple platforms to us.

How good? How easy?

Developers started Urban Airship to enable developers like you to build wildly successful apps. Our uber-flexible APIs help you integrate custom push messaging and rich content into your apps. We provide documents, libraries and sample code so it's easy to get down to business.

Developers get:

  • The industry’s top-performing push messaging platform: speed, scale and reliability
  • Ready-to-go SDK that can be dropped in your app and working in hours
  • Flexible APIs to integrate as-is or completely customize
  • Cross-platform readiness: Apple iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry
  • Enterprise-class uptime, security and scalability
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Email support access
  • Love, respect and appreciation from your developer friends here at UA


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