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Start small. Go big—really BIG.

Urban Airship’s high-performance Mobile Relationship Management (MRM) platform powers apps of all sizes, from apps for the world’s biggest brands to apps created by independent developers. Our platform is purpose-built to grow with you. As your app takes off, the platform will help you remain engaged with your fast-growing audience.

We deliver billions of push messages and rich app pages every month across all of the major mobile operating systems and devices, so there is nothing we can’t handle. And you’re in good hands with our top-notch support team and professional services consultants, as well as an ecosystem of industry-leading partners.

L-O-V-E that drives R-O-I.

Developers love our platform because it’s easy to integrate into their apps. We built it this way from the beginning, to make things easier for our fellow engineers. Our powerful, flexible APIs make running large-scale campaigns simple so you can focus on building great apps.

Marketers love our platform because it’s the most sophisticated mobile engagement suite in the world. It creates longer-lasting, deeper relationships with the most valuable customers. Our complete suite of tools, from engagement to targeting to analysis are easy to use and proven to work.

Why our customers choose our platform:

  • Proven: Powers the world’s most successful apps and largest brands
  • Scalable: Handles billions of messages every month and is growing rapidly
  • Ubiquitous: Delivers to all the major devices: iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows/ Windows Phone 8
  • Reliable: Enterprise-class uptime backed by enterprise-class support
  • Secure: Stringent data security have your CIO sleeping well at night
  • Flexible: Drop-in APIs keep your team focused on building killer apps for speed to market
  • Personal: Leverages location, time, preferences, behaviors, and device information for customized campaigns.


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