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Urban Airship's Latest Release

Achieve new levels of reach, relevance and immediacy with your audience

Mobile has firmly established itself as the front door to business, so it's imperative you make every customer interaction count. In this release, we added new mobile experiences inside and outside of your app to:

  1. Reach more of your app audience, beyond the push opt-in
  2. Achieve more personalized, relevant messaging with multi-channel integration
  3. Deliver new levels of customer immediacy with Apple Watch notifications

It’s the most powerful Urban Airship offering yet.

New mobile experiences expand your mobile surface area

Product Webinar

Watch our webinar with Mobile Marketer from April 9th. Urban Airship reviews data and use cases for its new features, and Peter Roybal from ABC News talks about engagement is his mobile apps.

1. Reach more of your app audience, beyond the push opt-in

In App Campaigns

Easy to use tools allow you to segment, deep-link, author landing pages and automate campaigns in a matter of minutes

Push notifications are the most effective way to instantly reach customers, but they're limited to just opt-ins. Now you can reach more of your customers with new In-app campaigns to welcome them to your app, introduce new features or provide customer service messages. When your message has to be seen, In-app campaigns is the answer.

Paired with easy to use tools designed for the marketer, In-app campaigns allows you to make your messages more actionable with predefined interactive notification buttons, intelligent deep-linking, landing page support, and dynamic segmentation. Combined with our real-time automation engine, your messaging campaigns can't miss.

Lifecycle Lists

The moment a new customer downloads your application, we make it easy for you to send a message welcoming them to your app. By collecting customer lists at various stages in your customer’s lifecycle—such as new installs, active users, or recent uninstalls—we help you send automated campaigns designed to activate, reengage and retain your customers.

You can automatically drive mobile messaging campaigns with our platform or export these lists to external systems for messaging in other channels.

2. Achieve more relevant messaging with data integration

Mobile Data Bridge

When communicating, clarity matters. Capturing and capitalizing on all the interactions you have with customers across different channels is imperative to crafting personalized, relevant messages.

We're extending our flexible tag-based data collection framework to any server and any device. Now, you can capture key events in the customer journey to build richer user profiles. Loyalty points, past purchase data, communication preferences, account history and more can be joined with the richest behavioral resource in the world—mobile—for unprecedented relevance.

Audience Uploader

We’ve also made it even easier to bring in segmented lists from your CRM or Business Intelligence system. Have a loyalty event you want to let your VIP customers know about? No problem. Segment the data with your existing tools, import the list into Urban Airship and deliver it via push, in your app or to a smartwatch. You can even upload the response data back into your CRM to close the loop.

3. Deliver new levels of customer immediacy

Apple Watch support

Welcome to the new glanceable moment demanded of mobile devices. Every second counts: Innovative brands now have a three-second window to make an impression with their connected customers.

Studies show that people unlock their mobile screens more than 200 times a day and spend the vast majority of their time in apps, using their devices to perform an average of 221 tasks per day.

Capitalize on this deep connection by adding immediacy to your most urgent alerts with interactive watch experiences that are triggered based on what's happening right now.

Location Triggers

Late last year we announced a groundbreaking partnership with Gimbal , the leader in location data management. Now, you can sync location definitions from Gimbal into Urban Airship to set up real-time automation rules for push notifications, in-app notifications and Message Center that can be triggered the moment a customer enters or exits a location, such as a neighborhood, front door or aisle.

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