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Urban Airship's Latest Release

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Introducing the next generation of our Mobile Relationship Management platform.

We are excited to unveil a suite of tools that will help marketing and product teams transform their mobile customers' experiences—available late March.

Hyper-relevant. Hyper-local. And simply effective.

Real-time automation makes mobile more relevant.

Customer decisions can happen in a matter of minutes or even seconds, and only mobile is capable of reaching your audience at the moment of inspiration. That's why real-time mobile marketing automation is critical–it enables you to trigger push messages and landing pages based on a customer's proximity or behaviors, precisely when they're ready to take action.

Our intuitive platform helps marketers design and manage messaging programs that support their app's customer lifecycle. You can automatically send a welcome messages to help onboard new app users, or plan a re-engagement program for customers who haven't opened your app lately.

It's not enough to send the right message–be sure your message reaches customers when and where they're most receptive. With mobile messaging automation, we make it easy.

Product Webinar

Watch the webinar recording to dive into our mobile marketing automation and iBeacons release.

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iBeacon Targeting

Create hyper-local audience segments with iBeacons.

When your customers enter (or leave) your retail location, event venue, VIP lounge or other points of interest, iBeacons enable you to target them with highly relevant, in-the-moment messages.

Nothing is more powerful than connecting with your customers in the moment of inspiration, and at the exact place where they are most likely to take action. Not only that, proximity data from iBeacons can be saved to help you develop seasonal campaigns and long-term insights.

Deep Linking

Deep link to targeted screens in your app to drive action.

Now, it's easier than ever to link each push message to relevant content—whether it's a specific screen in your app, a mobile web page, or an in-app landing page designed just for that message.

When you send customers more direct, streamlined experiences, you make it easy for them to take action and boost your campaigns' success.

Turnkey Landing Pages

Easily create in-app landing pages that match the look and feel of your app.

We've found that brands get the best results when they pair push messages with an in-app landing page that's customized for the campaign. And we make it easy for you to create as many as you need.

Use your marketing assets to customize re-usable message templates, or upload your own HTML pages to match the style of your app—no app store update or developer resources are required. Once Urban Airship's code is powering your app, non-technical teams can create mobile app landing pages on the fly and pair them with automated push messages.

Dynamic Audience Segments

Dynamically create new audience segments based on message interactions.

With every push message your customers swipe, with every in-app message they tap, they are dropping hints about what they like and don't like, and which actions they're most likely to take in the future. Take advantage of these clues, by dynamically building new customer segments based on these interactions.

What can you do with this awesome insight? Create automated messages that respond to specific actions, either in real-time if the moment is right, or aggregated for future campaigns. You can even build a multi-step series of messages, that adapt to app activity and serve up content to your most interested customers.

Automation Reports

Message response reports let you see what makes your audience react.

Analyze your automated messages' results and fine-tune them to meet the goals of your ongoing marketing programs. You can also integrate the message response data with popular analytics tools like Omniture and Google Analytics for a consolidated cross-channel view of your mobile audience's activities.

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