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Urban Airship's Latest Release

Introducing a new era of actionable, interactive push notifications

Social sharing options make it easy for customers to tell the world about your app's great content, deals and features.

Push is now more than a one-way street. With the latest innovations from iOS, Android and Amazon Fire OS, your customers can now directly respond to messages in multiple ways.

Urban Airship is the first to support all major platforms to help you take advantage of this feature. From the lockscreen, you can offer customers a pair of options such as "view now" and "remind me later," or "shop now" and "no, thanks." This nuance creates a feedback loop from your customers so you can provide more relevant content experiences and achieve greater conversion rates.

Additionally, our new notification center widget gives you first-time access to the Today screen to engage users outside your app and draw them back in. This is key: the most successful apps stay top-of-mind for their users. Want proof? Our new conversion analytics and A/B testing will help you identify winning campaigns with the greatest return on investment.

Interactive push notifications

Deliver more relevant experiences to your audience

As the pioneer and leader in mobile messaging, we’ve demonstrated how standard push notifications multiply app engagement fourfold and improve app retention twofold. Now, push notifications are even more powerful.

Our solution enhancement enables you to deliver messages with two calls to action, and users can respond to messages from their device lockscreens and in the notification center. This enables users to customize their content experience.

We make this easy with pre-defined action-button pairs to get you started, or you can create your own.  

You can also take advantage of any of our out-of-the-box marketing actions.

  • Deep link to a page in your app or mobile website
  • Request social sharing
  • Create a dynamic segment
  • Define conditional automation rules and set real-time triggers
  • Set a conversion event

It's everything a marketer needs to build world-class push notification campaigns.

Product Webinar

In this recording Urban Airship's product team walks through what's possible with push messaging, driven by the release of iOS 8.

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Notification center widgets

Connect with customers outside of your app

The Today screen is likely the most valuable real estate on your user’s phone.

Our latest release supports notification center-style widgets, enabling you to gain front-and-center visibility in the Today view of the iOS8 notification center, and anywhere in the Android and Amazon Fire OS experience.

You can use one of our drop-in widgets to elevate key content such a news feed, a wish list item or a shipping order, helping your users stay up to speed and your app top of mind.

Best of all, this messaging experience provides brands with the ability to reach their entire app audience, including those who opt out of push.

Conversion analytics

Measure the full effects of campaign results

Understand the value of your mobile messaging—see both the direct and indirect conversion attribution for each push notification.

Urban Airship offers flexible event tracking, so you can easily report on your key conversion points and user activities with just a snippet of code. Measure each push campaign by how many times a desired goal is reached, such as buying a product, reading an ad-supported page, or trying a new feature.

You can also see the full impact of push: measure direct conversions resulting from taps on a notification, plus indirect conversions, such as when a push reminds a consumer to take action in the app later that day, without tapping the push itself. The result is a clear picture of which campaigns resonate with your audience, so you can fine-tune your mobile messaging.

As an added benefit to the new cross-channel interactive notifications, we'll also track each interactive button tap—out of the box—so you can measure adoption of this new feature.

A/B testing

Say hello to data-driven decisions and learn what works best

Settle all bets on which push notifications will convert better with the new A/B testing engine from Urban Airship.

Easily select a high-value audience segment, and test different messages head-to-head. Do your customers respond better to a snappy brand tone of voice, or do they react more readily to simply stated calls to action? Only one way to find out: run a test, and choose the winner by comparing app opens or conversion rates.


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