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10 mobile engagement best practices explained

When should I send a push notification? What's the right message? When should I use push, an in-app message, or email? We've helped brands answer these questions for six years, so our digital strategists helped create this guide to determine what mobile messages work best. 

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The Travel Whitepaper

Our latest whitepaper, dedicated to travel & hospitality brands, shows you the hallmarks of a winning mobile travel app strategy. Get your roadmap to a successful mobile app.


In-App Campaigns Inspiration Guide

Now you can extend your reach beyond push notifications with In-App Campaigns. These allow you to communicate with app users—those who have opted-in and opted-out of push notifications—giving you the ability to reach all of your audience.


Winning strategies for media apps

What’s so exciting about mobile apps? For media brands, it’s the opportunity to deliver breaking news—anytime, anywhere. Supercharge your audience engagement. 


10 mobile engagement best practices

When should I send a push notification? What's the right message? When should I use push, an in-app message, or email? Download now to get best practices and insights learned from cross-industry engagement results.


Benchmarks Series: Push Notification Opt-in Rates

A study of 3,000 apps, 100 billion push notifications and 500 million users. The first report in our Mobile Engagement Benchmarks series examines push notification opt-in rates.


Watch Notifications Inspiration Guide

We developed real-world scenarios for a host of industries, demonstrating how smartwatch notifications help brands move beyond standard mobile alerts into real-time, glanceable moments.


The Game of Love

How to make your app a user habit: four engagement strategies brands can learn from dating apps


Urban Airship’s 2014 Holiday Recap

This best practices guide details how mobile app messaging and engagement strategies propelled retailers in 2014, using data spanning two years from 150 leading retail apps.


Interactive Notification Inspiration Guide

Our guide to 20+ cross-industry use cases for interactive notification buttons.


The Retailer’s Mobile Strategy Guide

In the 25-page guide, digital strategy experts share the most effective mobile tactics to increase conversions, cart size and purchase frequency. You’ll find retail-focused strategies to build stronger relationships with your mobile customers.


The Good Push Index

Examining more than 2,400 apps and 500 million push notifications, this study reveals opt-in rates across key industry verticals as well as how push influences users’ engagement and retention rates.


Forrester Report: Push mobile engagement to the next level

Opportunities, risks, and best practices that marketing leaders must understand to integrate push notifications into their app and direct marketing strategies.


How to avoid 14 #BadPush mistakes

See what real people are saying about #BrandFail push messages.


The Pocket Guide to Good Push

Learn how Mobile is the new face of engagement.


The Pocket Guide to Mobile Relationship Management

Mobile Relationship Management (MRM) is about brand-building. It uses the power of always-connected mobile devices to create stronger connections between customers and brands.


5 Mobile Retail Tactics to Drive Revenue

Learn five mobile retail tactics that drive engagement and, ultimately, in-store conversions.


The Price of Free

Understanding the new metrics in the mobile value exchange.


Urban Airship’s Little Black Book of Results

Our standout customers stories and successes available at a glance.


Smartwatch notifications

Webinar featuring Forrester Research, Inc.

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