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It’s time to rethink your retail roadmap.

The mobile revolution offers a big upside for retailers: revenue, loyalty and brand equity. To win in mobile, rethink your retail roadmap with these six strategic questions:

How do you personalize without getting too personal?

With a plethora of data at your disposal—customer preferences, behavior and location profiles—where should you start? Mobile offers unprecedented access to enable exceptional experiences. Start respectfully by asking for permission, then use the privilege of access to add value to your customers’ lives.

How can you turn the smartphone into a personal shopping assistant?

Your customer’s mobile device is the best, most perceptive sales associate you’ve ever hired. Use your app insights on customer behavior to determine which messages should be delivered, and when.

Strategically trigger landing pages to give customers richer detail on new product features. Use beacons to deepen your understanding of your customer’s dwell time in departments to inform your future messages based on their interests. It's the personal attention we all want when we interact with brands.

See Walmart's approach »

A customer walks into your store.
What should your app do about it?

Should your beacon beckon? Mobile’s opportunity to trigger in-app content and push messaging by location just got way more exciting with beacons. But the in-store shopping experience should be enhanced by the app, not hijacked.

Key considerations are message timing when triggered by a beacon, and which data to leverage for future segmentation and retargeting. The time is now to learn what works, and when.

See REI’s approach »

How can you spark mobile moments that ignite your sales?

Push messages can be delivered at the moment of inspiration—whenever and wherever your customers choose to shop.

To get this right and ultimately drive greater sales, focus push on immediate opportunities to reach out when something relevant happens, such as new product availability in a category of interest, when certain inventory is getting low, or if a wish list item has changed in price. Use preferences, behaviors and purchase history to segment smarter.

How can mobile improve customer service?

We like to say "Serve first, sell later." Companies earn their app downloads on devices by providing value through great service. Only when companies earn and keep this place will they have an opportunity to eventually sell. Sometimes the best sales uplift comes through getting them in the door in a shopping state of mind prompted by your oh-so-helpful app.

See Walgreens’ approach »

How can your app build long-term loyalty and drive revenue?

The best retail apps don’t just highlight products and sales. They do something amazing that only mobile can do, and become indispensable in their customers’ lives.

Fresh content forms a habit

Every message is an opportunity to extend your brand experience and the value your products deliver. Starbucks uses a message center to deliver Pick of the Week songs, apps and books, and has taught its customer to look inside the app for a rewarding payoff.

Rich media is made for mobile

When there’s always something fresh to discover, your customers will come back often. Engage your audience with rich content including videos. Starbucks uses landing pages for a perfectly branded look.

Always there & light as air

Your mobile audience represents your most loyal customers. Elevate your rewards program by integrating your loyalty card and coupons in your app as well as in their digital wallet. By fully mobilizing its loyalty card, Starbucks ensures its customers are never without their purchase power.

How well does your current retail roadmap answer these tough questions?

Download our Retailer’s Mobile Strategy Guide to learn how to to take advantage of mobile’s unique capabilities in retail.

In the 25-page guide, digital strategy experts share the most effective mobile tactics to increase conversions, cart size and purchase frequency. You’ll find retail-focused strategies to build stronger relationships with your mobile customers.

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