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Learn the new rules of mobile engagement.

In mobile, relevance trumps reach. Context trumps frequency. Your message will cut through the clutter when your app delivers value to make customers’ lives better. Chances are you’re thinking seriously about how to evolve your mobile apps and integrated communication strategies to get ahead of this massive change in expectations. Urban Airship’s Strategic Consulting team is here to assist you with planning and executing a tailored Mobile Relationship Management (MRM) strategy.

We bring deep experience evolving the digital marketing programs of the world’s largest brands. We’re obsessed with research, trends and data on markets, consumers and culture. We’re experts on Urban Airship’s toolkit and our goal is to boost your app engagement, drive new customer acquisition, increase conversion and sales, and enhance customer loyalty and retention.

Urban Airship’s Strategic Consulting team offers the following packages that are proven to meet our customers’ goals. We are also happy to craft a custom package or retainer to suit your strategic support needs.

Mobile Milestones

Through a series of WebEx and on-site meetings, a dedicated Strategist will guide you on MRM best practices, platform orientation, and building consensus in order to successfully deliver and report on your app’s initial notifications. This offering is also great for optimizing existing notifications.

The result? A prioritized roadmap of tailored use cases and a test plan to increase the sophistication of your mobile program.

Beyond Broadcast

Congratulations! You’ve mastered broadcast push notifications and want to take app engagement to the next level. Similar to Mobile Milestones, only your Strategist will design content that is tailored to your needs, from advanced tagging and segmentation to integrating push into your cross-channel marketing mix.

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