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This is a sea change.

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Here comes the first wave.

Smartphone use around the world isn’t growing. It’s exploding. We’re looking at 3 billion (with a “b”) users worldwide in just a few years. That includes almost 2/3 of all Americans. Nearly all those users, all over the world, have their phones at the ready 24/7. Something that big, that all encompassing and that personal doesn’t just constitute an opportunity, it defines a necessity.

Mobile is personal.

Above all, mobile is personal. It’s a 24/7 connection to your customers, clients and users that’s unlike anything else. That access makes reach and frequency as a campaign model synonymous with interruption and intrusion. Tolerance for ads and other intrusions that deliver low value, and ask only one thing, is headed south. The old way was built to drive awareness. Your brand is in your user’s hand. Do something valuable for them. The mobile way is to drive real engagement.

Context is king.

If you want to get personal with someone, you need to know who they are. You need context to connect. Mobile is always on, always there. Mobile is personal. Mobile is location-aware and history-aware. Mobile is contextual. Mobile is there at the point of inspiration. Mobile is a media form beyond and unlike all others. Success in mobile demands that you understand, track, respect and leverage all the context mobile brings: Time, place, preference – all of it.

Mobile Advertising is not a mobile strategy.

Why? Have you seen mobile ads? They’re just ads – sometimes semi-relevant, sometimes not. They’re teeny-tiny. And they engage (if at all) in teeny-tiny ways. They’re intrusive and they drive little value to their audience. Advertising, in any form, is built on an old and withering model of reach and frequency.

Mobile is personal. Mobile is a channel to have a conversation. The mobile engagement model is built on relevance, context, preference, intimacy, immediacy and experience. It is, and will always be, so much more than just an advertising channel.

Fulfilling the promise of mobile.

Revolutions happen because people want things to be better. When used well, all this context and access can make all things mobile more powerful than they are on their own. The new opportunity of mobile isn’t just about commerce, it’s about the chance to make things better for people. For mobile to fulfill its true and complete promise, for companies to build the strong and lasting relationships with their customers, employees and partners that mobile experiences can create, you must begin with the action you want to inspire.

And that’s where we come in.

The Urban Airship Difference.

We’ve built the smartest, most aware, precise, easy-to-use, scalable, secure and powerful push messaging platform on the planet.  Our Push messaging platform leverages all that is unique about mobile as a channel, and that lights the spark to create meaningful and valuable mobile experiences. We help put your app in front of your users at the right time, and in the right place to drive usage and brand engagement.

App & Push mobile strategy 1-2-3.

Urban Airship helps organizations initiate engagement with their customers via the most personal, prolific, contextual and powerful media channel in history. Use mobile to deliver real value to your audience and it will fundamentally change your shared relationship. An app-centric mobile strategy (and the push messaging to drive engagement) puts the end-user first, and better leverages all that mobile can deliver.

We got the lead by pushing ourselves hard, too.

We’ve been in this game longer, driven more innovation and helped deliver more value to our customers' audiences than anyone in the messaging business. Hopping on the Urban Airship is one of those rare chances to be at the front of a technology (and opportunity) with a company that couples the speed-to-innovation of a start-up with the stability and reliability of an enterprise-class technology company. We began by winning the hearts of some of the leading independent developers around the world. Now, we serve some of the biggest brands and most innovative app development agencies on the planet.  We are humbled by the customers and partners we are lucky enough to work with.

Luckily, this is a shared passion:

  • CMOs love our ability to help build personal one-to-one brand relationships.
  • Marketing teams love using our elegant interface to build powerful campaigns.
  • CTOs love our proven enterprise-class security and uptime.
  • Developers love our flexible, simple and easy to customize APIs
  • CFOs love using our analytics to deliver the data that drives results.
  • Bigger Brands love our ability to scale-up instantly to meet ramping demand.
  • Smaller Brands love our ability to right-size for their needs.

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