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Climb into the cockpit of Urban Airship’s powerful Mobile Relationship Management platform. Our comprehensive engagement tools fuel some of the world’s most successful mobile apps and campaigns: powering push notifications, rich app pages, message centers, digital wallet programs, sophisticated audience targeting and mobile analytics.

Mobile is rapidly expanding your opportunities to drive brand awareness, engage and acquire new customers, and boost customer loyalty. Our mobile tools maximize your investments in this channel to increase the lifetime value of your app by driving deeper engagement, frequent use and value that builds long-term relationships.

Mobile App Engagement

Give your app a voice.

Push messages deliver value to your best customers, right on their home screens. Push is a proven, proactive way to drive engagement with your app and your brand. How much more engagement? Our customer studies reveal a quadruple uplift in app engagement when using push messaging. Done right, Good Push delivers value and builds loyalty in ways that SMS, email and advertising cannot.

Rich app pages reach all app users to provide more engaging experiences than plain text. Paired with an in-app message center, you have a central location to engage your entire app audience with fresh content.

Engagement builds relationships.

Relationships build brands—and monetize apps.

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Urban Airship's segmentation abilities, with techniques like profiling and geofencing, guarantee push notifications have personal relevance. Timeliness is accomplished in that we can publish immediately and reach our users in seconds.

Michael Griffith, Director of User Experience, Bottle Rocket Apps

Audience Segmentation

If content is king, context is heir to the throne.

Mobile user profiles are dynamic—constantly updating as preferences and lifestyle behaviors change. Customers are always on the move, creating vast amounts of location data. By pairing location profiles with in-app behaviors and user preferences, you can target hyper-local audiences with hyper-relevant messaging based on where they shop, how they commute to work or when they catch a game.

Location-based targeting makes mobile a radically new opportunity to deeply engage your audience with greater context and relevance than any other medium.

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Real-Time Marketing Automation

Real-time, responsive messaging.

Customer decisions can happen in a matter of minutes or even seconds, and only mobile is capable of reaching your audience at the moment of inspiration. That's why real-time mobile marketing automation for push messages is critical; it enables you to trigger messages when a customer enters your store or interacts with your app in a way that shows they're ready to take action.

Our intuitive platform helps marketers design and manage messaging programs that support their app's customer lifecycle. You can automatically send welcome messages to help onboard new app users, or setup re-engagement programs for customers who haven't opened your app lately.

It's not enough to send the right message to the right customers—be sure your message reaches customers when and where they're most receptive. With mobile messaging automation, we make it easy.

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Mobile Analytics

Stay in the know.

Detailed engagement reports and audience trends help you evaluate the performance of each mobile messaging campaign. You can export this data to combine it with other marketing and analytics systems.

Leverage these insights to optimize your engagement efforts across platforms to drive results.

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Digital Wallet

Coupons, loyalty programs and more.

Apple Passbook and Google Wallet offer new, dynamic ways to engage with your mobile audience. Urban Airship's Wallet Studio helps you create passes and cards for digital wallets within minutes through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Deliver your wallet programs directly or use our robust API to distribute them at a large scale via your app, web pages, email and social media. Segment your audience to maximize relevance and response.

Best of all, Wallet Studio leverages the real-time nature of mobile. Update your customers' digital wallet items instantly when things change, such as when offer terms need updating, flight gates, event ticket times or venues change, and when new loyalty rewards are available.

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Purpose built. Enterprise class.

Urban Airship’s enterprise-class platform provides the performance, scalability and security the world’s biggest brands demand. It powers billions of personalized and targeted messages each month, across every major mobile operating system and device.

Developers love our platform because it’s so easy to integrate into their apps. Marketers love it because it's the most sophisticated mobile engagement suite in the world and is also the easiest to use.

It's always backed by our top-notch support team and professional services consultants, as well as an ecosystem of industry-leading partners.

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