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Now that you've seen the magic of mobile engagement, go behind the scenes to see the marketer's view that influenced this customer's decisions. Or, skip to find out how location & beacons triggered these messages.

Read on to learn more about Urban Airship’s audience engagement solution:

Mobile changes everything. Apps are driving mobile engagement—they command 80% of the time people spend on mobile. Apps that use Urban Airship's Mobile Relationship Management platform build deeper, more valuable relationships between brands and customers by providing multiple opportunities to engage them with messaging and compelling content that matters to them.

Push messages, rich app pages and in-app message centers deliver compelling, targeted content that drives revenue and boosts customer loyalty. Let's see how.

Push Messages

Good Push does great things.

Push messages give your apps a voice. They're a permission-based mobile messaging channel to deliver useful information to your customers when and where they want it. At their moment of decision, Good Push is front-and-center on their smartphone's home screen.

Done right, a good push marketing strategy can boost app engagement significantly. Learn how good push builds great relationships.

Compose. Preview. Deliver. Repeat.

It's that simple. You can compose a push message in our visual web-based editor, preview it on popular mobile platforms including iOS and Android and send it immediately to the people who have installed your app—even when the app is closed on their devices.

Smart customization options let you choose the right time to send push messages and schedule them in advance. For example, queue up a series of push messages to send before and during your next sale to build anticipation and drive conversions.

You can create promotions, offers, product updates and marketing campaigns or rely on our high-performance API to automatically deliver alerts for breaking news, sports scores, stock movements and other significant events in real time. All of your targeted calls-to-action are delivered right to your audience's home screens and are just a tap away.

Drop dead simple.

Create, preview and send push messages right from your web browser.

Audience management made easy.

Urban Airship makes push messaging easy so you can focus on building great apps and creating deeper relationships with your customers. With simple drop-in libraries, you'll be ready to send push notifications across all the major mobile operating systems in no time: Apple iOS, Android, and Windows. You also have badge management, device management and registration tracking at your fingertips.

Who and when.

It’s easy to choose who will receive each push message, which platforms to include and when to deliver your message.

Customers are in control.

With all the power of push messaging, your customers maintain control of how and when they receive push messages by opting in or out. That makes push notifications a more trusted channel for conversation between you and your customers. By demonstrating the value your app offers, you earn permission to communicate with app users and elevate your brand's exposure while driving mutual value.

Rich App Pages

Rich content drives richer engagement.

Create rich app pages to deliver unique, branded experiences to your customers. Urban Airship makes it easy for marketers to design and send compelling content to app users without having to involve their IT department, app developer or agency. Using our web-based composer, you can select from different engagement experiences – such as videos, images, or coupons – to create content and preview it across devices. You can also upload your own custom HTML to leverage assets from your existing programs.

Then just send a push message and when users tap to open it, the rich app page is displayed within your app (and it doesn't matter which devices your audience uses, the rich app page templates leverage responsive design to display the content appropriately for every screen size). This compelling, high-value content delivered via mobile landing pages drives urgency to get consumers hooked on your brand.

The possibilities are endless. Create:

  • Product pages, with images and a call-to-action
  • Mobile coupons, with promotional codes or even barcodes that can be added to Apple Passbook or Google Wallet using our Wallet Studio product
  • Movie releases, with a video trailer and a button to buy tickets

Deliver compelling content.

Rich app pages create endless opportunities to deliver branded, interactive content to your mobile app audience.

Targeted content hits the spot.

Using Urban Airship's audience segmentation capabilities, you can deliver targeted, rich content to your mobile app audiences based on their in-app behaviors, preferences and location. With segmentation, you can deliver greater relevance by understanding users' interests through explicitly stated preferences or implicit behavioral cues.

Send a video of the latest surf competition highlights to fans in Sydney. Send a survey to VIP members of your loyalty program who have been in Las Vegas in the past week. Providing contextually relevant, rich content drives repeat app visits and ongoing engagement to keep valuable app users coming back.

Drive deeper engagement.

Rip Curl provides loyal fans with real-time updates on their favorite surfers, as well as videos and photos from their competitions. Read more in the case study.

Our strategic and technical consulting team can help you get up and running fast with rich app pages, by integrating a message center into your app, building your first mobile-optimized branded message templates, and integrating third-party analytics providers you already use – take your app engagement strategy to the next level!

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Message Center

Keep users coming back for more.

Urban Airship provides tools to add a message center to your app, creating a centralized place to discover high-value content, offers, videos and information about your brand. By adding a badge to your app's home screen icon, and/or by updating message center badges inside your app, you can alert users when new content or information is available for them to check out.

An in-app message center allows your customers to engage at their convenience. It's a great way to build loyalty with your app by providing a communication hub for continuous engagement and delivering ongoing value such as the latest updates, coupons, photos and more.

Engage beyond opt-in.

Adding a message center to your app lets all users browse your content at their convenience, right from the app's home screen.

Reach all app users, not just opt-ins.

When you make it easy to find your rich app pages with an in-app message center, you engage your entire app audience—even those who opt out of push messages. Create high value experiences that engage your app users and then ask them for permission to opt-in.

Delivering compelling, valuable content increases the chance that your users will want to hear more from you. Give them a reason to opt in. Then continue the conversation with highly engaged users by sending push notifications to bring them back to your rich content again and again.

A fully branded experience.

A message center can be added to your app as a simple inbox (reminiscent of an email app), or it can be highly customized to blend seamlessly into your app.

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